Easter And Bunnies

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Easter makes me think of cute little bunnies, and bunnies remind me of the time when I got my first pet bunny. It was when I lived in Yreka, CA. My parents owned a bakery up there, The Duchess Bakery, I believe it was called. I was about ten years old.  It was the place where I got my first Shetland Pony, Casey,  and the place that still haunts my dreams at times.

It was Easter, in the early 70’s, my family and I were in the Bay Area visiting Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. As always, it was a great time, well, better for the adults as there weren’t many kids my age. Most of my relatives lived in South Dakota, just a few Great Aunts and Uncles and a few cousins lived here in California. As a treat, before the long drive north to our home, we stopped at the Berryessa Flea Market. My Dad still loves doing the flea market and yard sale thing to this day, he’s a great EBayer. I was given a couple of dollars and I rushed ahead to see what treasures I would find, feeling independent because I had some money and felt alone, as I was about a row ahead of the rest of the family. Then to my wondering eyes should appear, baby bunnies! A bunch of wonderful, cute baby bunnies. They were five dollars each, but I only had three. I raced back to my parents, looking to my mom then my dad, then picked the easier mark. LOL. I begged my Dad, an animal lover just like me, for two dollars more. I told him about the bunnies. I’m sure my mom was telling him, No, over my head. LOL. Finally, I wore my Dad down and got the bunny, it was so cute and small enough to fit completely in my closed cupped hands. I was one happy girl.

On the drive home, I wanted to hold the bunny the whole way, but my Mom cautioned that it might get sick if I didn’t give it some space and let it sit in the box. My little sisters asked to hold it on the way home. Of course, I just told them no because I didn’t want the bunny to get sick, but mostly it was because I wasn’t very good at sharing at that age. At one point I fell asleep, cars still do that to me, and the bunny was able to get out of the box unnoticed. We stopped to eat at a restaurant, no fast food for us in those days, that was a rare treat. After all of us looked through the car, it was found under the seat. It was so small, it could fit most anywhere in the car. The rest of the trip home was uneventful. I was now a proud bunny momma. LOL.

My Dad was great with the bunny, giving him green grass time under an overturned, clothes basket and feeding him treats. As time went on, he started to let the bunny loose to frolic and eat all the grass and clover he wanted. I recall my mom telling him it wasn’t a good idea because of predators and hawks. At my age, then, I didn’t realize about those dangers, I did worry that he would run away as our yard was not fenced in. Sure enough, a couple of weeks with him free roaming during the day, he disappeared. I like to think he found a girlfriend and made a new home in a hole in the field next to the house. Yes, that is what happened. LOL.

Have a nice weekend and be thankful for your blessings. I am thankful for my family and friends.