Using Your Senses

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Life would be quite dull without our senses. The day would not be so brilliant, just dark, food wouldn’t taste so good, we couldn’t hear the chirp of the songbirds, we would not feel the softness of a newborn’s skin, or smell the stench of their full diaper, LOL.

When you write, use all your senses, but strike a careful balance in your descriptions so you don’t give your readers a sensory overload. Too much description will send the reader skimming ahead, missing important details. Keep the important details described and the small details, just a passing vision of them. The end result should make the reader feel as if they are there, in the middle of the action.

Keep in mind as you write that if it doesn’t propel the story forward, it’s fluff, and not needed. Keep your reader engaged and moving forward. Too much fluff and the reader will become bored, lost or, worse yet, they will put the book down.

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